Chi Psi is Returning to UVA!

Alpha Omicron of Chi Psi was founded at University of Virginia in 1860 and is returning this year. Founded on the values of lasting brotherhood and personal, academic and professional development, Chi Psi seeks to establish among its Brothers a sense of purpose larger than one’s self, cultivated through simple act, conciliation of dispute, and thoughtful awareness of the total needs of others.

Chi Psi is looking for leaders on campus who excel in the classroom and the community to help us reestablish Alpha Omicron. If you are interested in helping reestablish Chi Psi, let us know here or contact us at


  1. Carlos M. Izquierdo-Gaetan

    Here’s wishing you the best of luck in your courageous endeavor.
    I am an Omicron alumnus, UVA class of ’63, during the last years of its halcyon days in Charlottesville, when the Lodge occupied a comfortable property on Rugby Road (extension) which had been the Charlottesville Country Club many years before. Auto-registration restrictions applied in ’60 all but did us in then, until dormancy feventually set in. Sad history.
    Hope you’ll soon be operating again.
    All the best.
    Yours in the bonds,


  2. Hi Carlos,

    Sorry for the very delayed response, this comment just caught my attention. The endeavor has shown success! The lodge is 40 strong and impressed the convention floor with a strong presentation to gain Alpha status for Omicron. The initiation is taking place the first weekend of November in Charlottesville.



  3. Chris Niebergall '74

    Best of luck, gentlemen. Take care of your new digs and make good decisions 😉
    If you see Frank Johnson ’73, tell him in jest how amazed we are that his son Grayson could be genetically related to him 😀


  4. FYI: The Lodge at UVa’s new website is


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